Marketing is about starting a conversation.

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Marketing is about the psychology and behavior of consumers. Understanding who your clients are and what they value is the foundation of your marketing strategy.

Marketing is about starting a conversation. Finding out who someone really is, what their needs are and being able to provide the solution for them.

Learn what drives your buying decisions and what your clients value

Our mission is to help business owners focus their brand and business direction, identify their ideal clients buying behaviors, and develop the ability to communicate empathically through their client relations and marketing.​​

our team

Julie Bergeron

CEO and Chief Branding Strategist
Julie is solution oriented, innovative, strategic, customer focused, and an expert communicator. Understanding how to leverage product/service knowledge to connect to potential customers in order to drive sales is her specialty. She created IRYS Marketing Agency in 2018 out of the need for customized marketing to help local business owners grow their revenue.

Having worked in customer service, sales, management, and operations for over 20 years, Julie learned to personalize her presentation with each client or vendor she was dealing with to achieve maximum results.

Instead of offering generic content IRYS delivers individualized marketing strategies. Julie and her team help business owners identify their target clients and implement a value driven marketing strategy to attract those clients and increase their revenue.

Amanda Golixer

Senior Marketing Coordinator
Amanda is a passionate visionary, adept at applying multi-faceted, highly impactful content creation in a wide range of verticals to establish a positive digital presence. As a seasoned, creatively minded professional specializing in digital marketing and social media coordination, Amanda has demonstrated success in media marketing, brand management, campaign development, and content strategy.

Her superior time management and prioritization skills, has led her to design and direct large-scale projects driving profitability objectives and conversion rates to achieve phenomenal bottom-line results for our clients.

Amanda analyzes, understands, and utilizes the performance of all past marketing efforts to inform the strategy of future initiatives, demonstrating unparalleled value to our clients.
Ermal Cela

Ermal Cela

Senior Graphic Designer and Website Manager
Ermal is an inbound marketer who is always creates unique value for our customers. From his point of view, marketing is an art and a science, you have to be great at both to provide value.

His experience in different marketing and communication projects has given him the ability to create custom projects and fulfill our client needs in graphic design, video marketing, copywriting, website design and management, paid ads, brand strategy, and more.

Ermal is not only exceptionally creative, he is also a data-driven marketer. He uses analytics to measure and improve marketing campaigns and help our clients make strategic business decisions.

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