What is Value-Driven Marketing?

In a world so saturated with competition, what makes you stand out amongst the rest? How can your message not only rise above the noise but truly connect with your customers? A one size fits all marketing strategy will never work. Posting generic content on social media won’t get your customers’ attention. Marketing needs to be specific and targeted to be effective. 

Have you ever heard about Value-Driven Marketing? Value-Driven Marketing is about creating meaningful value for your customers and communicating it effectively so that it resonates with them. Using this approach, your brand will become a magnet for new clients. You can learn to capture more leads by marketing the value you offer your customers.

The Nike brand is the perfect example of value-driven marketing done right. What do they offer? Quality shoes and athletic gear of course! But what values do they communicate? Athleticism and performance. Have you ever thought about how they do it? Value can be communicated through images, text, context, colors, and more.

The Nike brand revolves around its ideal customers. Their products appeal to people who are doers, go-getters and living a busy, active, athletic lifestyle. Nike’s advertising always includes fit athletes IN motion, in the middle of jumping, swimming, running, etc., showcasing the high performance and athleticism their gear provides. 

They make you feel that you can be one of the few to own and wear their gear, and to achieve that high performance. Their gear is like a status symbol. Can you determine what value your product or service brings to your clients?

Even more importantly, how can you convey said values to your customers through your marketing materials? To determine this, you first need to identify your target audience. If you sell real estate for example, what income level client do you want to attract? What lifestyle do they want and how can you help them achieve this?

Marketing isn’t one size fits all. Your marketing strategy needs to be tailored to your customers the same way Nike tailors to theirs. Value driving marketing is marketing to a targeted customer who has specific values that they are looking for when purchasing a product or service.

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